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Welcome to my constantly evolving portfolio! I'm currently a senior at Columbia Engineering gaining interdisciplinary experience in Computer Science + Innovation. Recently returned from a year abroad at the University of Sydney studying Design Computing, focusing on user experience design, product innovation, and design strategy. My favourite courses so far have included: Human Centred Design, Innovation Design, Interaction Design, Evolutionary Computation & Design Automation, and Information Visualisation Studio.

This summer I was a UX design intern @Google designing cross-product features and patterns throughout Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides within G Suite! I also facilitate design thinking workshops and design consult @Columbia Entrepreneurship’s Design Studio for a wide array of interdisciplinary courses across campus, new ventures, and nonprofits looking to build new products and incorporate design thinking methodologies. Previously, I interned @Proto Partners, a customer insight driven strategy consultancy, in the fields of service and user experience design where I got to work across public and private sectors for companies including Accenture and the Australian Government. I also ran product design and management @2hats, a social startup innovating the future of work, where I designed and launched multiple digital products along with a design system.

Outside of the realm of design, I'm the founding Project Manager @Natangué Sénégal driving sustainable development initiatives across public health, education, and economic empowerment in Mbour, Sénégal! In a previous life, I also did a variety of work including sound engineering @multi-grammy nominated artist performances, robotics design research @Hod Lipson's Creative Machines Lab, front-end software engineering @Valogix, and whipping up latté art perfection @Starbucks. Coming from a low socioeconomic and diverse background, I've gained a wide variety of perspectives from people and these work experiences, and I'm excited to use them to further drive positive impact through design.

Outside of work, you can find me exploring the world on backpacking trips, tinkering with laser cut and 3D printed necklaces in a makerspace, listening to 99% Invisible podcasts, or obsessing over the latest rupaul episode. I've been collecting bowties since I was a kid and now own over 40— you'll never catch me without one ⋈

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