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Proto Partners Experience Design & Strategy Internship

During fall 2018, I worked full time as an Experience Design Intern where I was responsible for coordinating and conducting customer research, planning and helping in co-creation workshops, developing designs and prototypes in the office and infield, and creating artefacts like extensive customer journey maps and mindset shifts to help clients adopt better service design strategies. I had the incredible opportunity to work on multiple projects across public and private sectors with clients including Accenture and Sydney Metro as well as co-lead a project involving a large client with a project across Australia and the Philippines.

Unfortunately, due to NDA I can’t publically share specific details about my work. If you would like to learn more about my experience, feel free to contact me!




Keep it meaningfully simple πŸ™Œ

Our job was to deliver seriously valuable design that was understandable and actionable. The best results came when design reduced complexity, was well thought through, clear, concise and long lasting. Pragmatic, not fluffy and pretty, solutions resonated with clients the best.

Involve clients & stakeholders early πŸ“’

Through kickoff and co-creation workshops, we were able to fully integrate clients and teach them our design process. The more involvement from the start, the more ownership and pride stakeholders would take in the results. Updated stakeholders are happy stakeholders who are more likely to be on your side.

Be really, really user first πŸ’ƒ

It is easy to get off-track with assumptions over what the user wants. Always acknowledge your assumptions early to prevent them swaying your design decisions later. When in doubt, double check that the decision connects back to insights identified from user research.

Stay humble and curious 🌱

As designers, we all have our strengths and weaknesses. Don’t be afraid to ask for help or mentorship from people who are experts in various parts of the field. Stay humble when sharing your own expertise while keeping your curiosity to learn from other people and experiences.


totally candid bunch of experience designers 😎

totally candid bunch of experience designers 😎